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Watson Planning Consultants provide analyses, reports, advice, advocacy and project management for land use planning and real estate development projects.


Land Use Planning
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Due Diligence
Governmental Relations
CEQA/NEPA Compliance
Municipal/Community Planning
Coastal Zone Projects
Environmental Planning
Expert Witness/Trial Preparation

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(Partial Listing):

•Real Estate Development/ Acquisition Project Feasibility and Cost Analysis
•Contract Community Development Staffing
•Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

•Zoning Verification Reports

•Site Investigation Reports
•Developer Impact Fee Studies
•Development Project Pro Formas and Timelines
•Master & Specific Plans
•Site Planning
•Interdisciplinary Consulting
•Development Team Formation and  Management
•Use Permits
•Lot Splits
•CUP/Conditional Use Permits
•PUD/Planned Unit Developments
•Discretionary Approvals
•Ministerial Approvals
•Coastal Development Permits
•California Coastal Zone
 & Coastal Commission Conflict Resolution
•Zoning, Code & Public Policy Consistency Analysis and Interpretation
•Government Communications & Technical Writing
•Rezoning/Zoning Amendments
•Subdivision Mapping
•Tentative and Final Maps
•Building Permit Applications/Approvals
•Tenant Improvement Permit Processing/Expediting
•Code and Red Tag Violation Remediation
•Regulatory Agency Hearing Owner Representation
•Expert Witness Testimony
•Surety, Financial Guaranty and Bond Workouts



Professional Assistance with All Sizes and Types of Property and Real Estate Development Projects, Questions and Issues

Watson Planning Consultants provide private and public sector clients with land use planning and real estate development analyses, reports, advice, strategies, solutions, services, regulatory agency representation and project management for all sizes and types of properties including:

•Residential •Mixed Use •Commercial
•Single Family •Raw Land •Retail
•Multi Family •Golf Course Community •Restaurant
Coastal Zone •Institutional
•Master Planned Community • Shopping Centers/Malls
•Affordable Housing •Agricultural/Rural • Industrial
•Senior Housing •Resort Hotel/Motel •Office Buildings

Land Use Planning, Property Transaction Due Diligence, Real Estate Development and Governmental Relations

Whether you or your clients simply need a thoroughly researched and written Site Investigation Report or Zoning and Entitlement Report for the purpose of commercial or residential real estate pre-purchase due diligence, acquisition, leasing, building construction, financing or tenant improvement remodel, or require assistance with complex real estate development strategies such as land subdivision mapping, property development feasibility and cost analyses, site design, developer impact fee studies, regulatory agency reviews, bond workouts, permit processing and entitlements, an EIR, and public hearing representation for LCP zoning amendment issues, WPC's expertise, guidance and interaction on your behalf with government agencies can help save time, unnecessary frustration and potentially costly mistakes.

California Coastal Zone Conflict Resolution Specialists

WPC serves the West Coast from its base on California's Central  Coast and specializes in managing difficult land use applications, approvals, permits, questions,  problems, violations, issues, conflicts and hearings for properties and projects located within the California Coastal Zone coming under the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission, pursuant to the California Coastal Act, including projects located up and down the California coastline, in Los Angeles County and those within the California Central Coast areas of Monterey San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.

Both Sides of the Counter

Certified Land Use Planner David Watson, AICP, Principal of Watson Planning Consultants, obtained his degree in City and Regional Planning from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo School of Architecture and Environmental Design, and began his professional planning career in public service as the Assistant City Planner for the City of Pismo Beach, California. Mr. Watson completed his nine year term in government work there as Director of Public Services and Public Works with a Master's Degree in Public Administration.

This constructive foundation together with more than 20 additional years of private practice land use consulting and real estate development experience has equipped Mr. Watson with expert knowledge of planning and building policies, politics and procedures. 

Over the course of 30 years WPC has established an extensive operational network comprised of ethical, long-standing relationships with tried and trusted astute technical, design and scientific consultants as well as with elected and appointed officials and decision makers on both sides of the Building and Planning Department counters.



WPC has been been providing effective, efficient and reliable
comprehensive land use planning consultation, real estate development consulting, community development planning and real estate development team leadership to public and private sector clients since 1989.

What is
Land Use Planning?

"Land-use planning is the systematic assessment of land and water potential, alternatives for land use and economic and social conditions in order to select and adopt the best land-use options. Its purpose is to select and put into practice those land uses that will best meet the needs of the people while safeguarding resources for the future. The driving force in planning is the need for change, the need for improved management or the need for a quite different pattern of land use dictated by changing circumstances."

---Food and Agriculture Organization Guidelines for Land-use Planning, United Nations, Rome 1993

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